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“METROPOLIS” 2018: Urban Winter Festival

The quality of being urban transcends beyond bricks and mortar. Urbanity is a test of human skills. It is a quest. It is a quench never satisfied. “METROPOLIS” is a portrayal of this meta- reality.
The history of humanity is a story of ceaseless migrations. The phenomenon of migrating from rural areas to urban areas is continuing since the dawn of history. Since ages, people are migrating to cities in search of a better future. This is the story of all of us. This is the story of urbanity.
"METROPOLIS" is the mother city where all cultures meet and flourish, this is where dreams are born and lived, this is the melting pot of opportunities of all kinds, this is where the change begins…
"METROPOLIS" as a philosophy is a mind set to adapt, accept and grow, it is about being socially aware and informed and be responsible as an individual and become a collective environment for growth.
The city has an ingrained quality of moulding people according to its needs. With the test of time, the continuous struggle for survival and the inevitable rat race associated with it transforms a ‘villager’ to a ‘city dweller’. The “METROPOLIS” teaches all of us to thrive on, to dream on and most importantly to live on.

“Metropolis”- 2018 Theme: Why the GREEN WAY?

Against the backdrop of the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015, the signatory nations, for the purpose of achieving the world wide goal of reducing carbon emissions, are to individually determine their contributions that they envisage to make (Intended Nationally Determined Contributions).

As such India too have embarked on an ambitious plan which is aimed at achieving the targets set at such a global platform.

Starting from the effectiveness of the highest policies at the national level right down to the actions and attitudes of an individual shall be vital towards ensuring a better future for our progeny.

In the words of the Dalai Lama:

It Is Our Collective And Individual Responsibility To Preserve And Tend To The World In Which We All Live.”


Acting as a platform which attracts the masses in large numbers, festivals serve the most significant purpose of Awareness, Knowledge dissemination and Engagement of  the people in a highly innovative and constructive way towards the adoption of an Environment friendly ‘Way of Life’.

It has the power to mobilize people on a large scale and thereby impress upon an idea into the collective conscience of   the people in a short span of time with greater effectiveness.

Where do we stand?

For the last 5 years in a row, Metropolis have been  able to garner an immense amount of support and active participation of  people (both young and old alike) not just from the northeastern corner of India but far beyond (from nations like USA, Italy, France, Bhutan, Serbia and Belgium).

The diverse components (arts, music, literature, films, sports, exhibitions etc.) that Metropolis has to offer for the people to engage into carries the inherent advantage of incorporating various aspects of Environmental protection and Sustainability practices.

As we come to realize the all-important truth of how individual actions and attitudes bear significant impact on the environment, it has become highly imperative to incorporate positive attitudinal changes into our everyday lives.

Metropolis Urban Winter Festival, being a reflection of the contemporary reality of quest for human survival and an enabler for promotion of indigenous culture and knowledge stands tall towards bringing a global consensus on environmental conservation.

The multi module structure of the festival allows engagement of different stakeholders, thereby uplifting communities by way of providing a viable platform of empowerment.

What Metropolis has to offer?

  • Sustained focus on spreading awareness on environmental conservation and climate change related issues.
  • Adoption of Greener strategies in the production process of the festival.
  • Bringing attitudinal changes by way of engaging people in Greener initiatives.
  • Create hype for the concept of SUSTAINABILITY in a specifically designed and controlled environment of the festival.



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