About Us

The quality of being urban transcends beyond bricks and mortar. Urbanity is a test of human skills. It is a quench never satisfied. "Metropolis" is a portrayal of this meta-reality.
The history of humanity is a story of ceaseless migrations. The phenomenon of migrating from rural to urban areas is continuing since the dawn of history. Since ages, people are migrating to cities in search of a better future. This is the story of all of us. This is the story of urbanity.
"Metropolis" is the mother city where all cultures meet and flourish, this is where dreams are born and lived, this is the melting pot of opportunities of all kinds, this is where change begins, "Metropolis" as a philosophy is a mind set to adapt, accept and grow, it is about being socially aware and informed and be responsible as an individual and become a collective environment for growth.
"Metropolis" teaches us to thrive on and to live our dreams !

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